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B&M Builders is a General Engineering Contractor, Construction Company with Specialty Expertise in Asphalt, Concrete, ADA, and Mechanical Services.

B&M is based in Sacramento California and has GEO market reach throughout the Greater Sacramento Region.

We provide “No Fee” site assessments that will provide an up to date profile of property conditions, ADA compliance and mechanical systems functional performance.


Who is B&M?

Our History

Our Story

B&M Builders was started by Austin, Jonathan Brown, and Patrick Mullen in 2005.  

We worked together at the beginning on residential remodel focusing on kitchen and bathroom remodels. We also performed stone fabrication and installation as well as custom tile work. We had a showroom across the street from city hall in Folsom.  Back then, our projects were mainly residential projects until the market took a nosedive in 2009.  

With no residential work to be found, we opted to bring on concrete as a focus and began to explore what public works projects were with the help of a neighbor.  We were thankful for this relationship as he showed us what the builder’s exchange was and from there, we hit the ground running.  We began landing public works projects one by one and in 2009 we brought on another partner, Austin, who was an expert in concrete.  Leveraging his expertise, our crew was able to expand even more into concrete projects, which allowed us to add on smaller jobs.  These jobs expanded our knowledge and landed us a few projects with the Folsom Zoo and the Capitol Area Development Authority, remodeling their warehouse.  From there we just continued to grow, diving into street work and continuing the progression of what is B&M Builders today.  


Our Services

What We Do

We Do Really Well

As our projects grew, so did the scope of work.  We began subbing out asphalt and earthwork while building relationships through the projects we would land.  We would soon learn the importance of establishing relationships when the company that was doing all of our asphalt paving for us decided that they wanted to retire in 2016. Literally, the last day that this company’s insurance was in place before it expired was on one of our jobs. So the end of the day came and we made an offer to all of their guys that instead of going on unemployment and trying to find a new job, they could start working with us the very next day.  The whole crew decided to come over.  One of those guys was Seth Maxey who not only has extensive knowledge in asphalt but now runs our asphalt division and is the Chief Estimator.  With the new asphalt division in place, we hit the ground running, did some small patches on projects that we had, and just started building work.  Today we handle the asphalt, the concrete, and the earthwork as well as the underground work.

For the past 11-12 years we primarily stayed in public works and in the last few years we began to branch out into the commercial and industrial sector to widen our range of clients that we can work with.  The past few years have been fun and we have been fortunate enough to complete some very interesting projects.  Our core customer base has grown from property managers to golf courses, to apartment buildings, wineries, to shopping centers, facility managers, and even to working with general contractors.  

Today, we do a lot of asphalt and concrete, as we mentioned, we also complete earthwork and underground. ADA upgrades are definitely a specialty and while we don’t like to toot our own horns, we are great with ADA upgrades. That’s not easy stuff to do. With ADA work, you have to get the upgrade right and it’s got to be perfect or you’re leaving yourself open to lawsuits, and all kinds of stuff that will just end up costing you a lot of money down the road. So we try our best to get it done right the first time. We never let a job get away from us or let someone else fix our problems, and that’s something that we are very consistent with and we always stand behind our work.  


Our Values

Our Values

The B&M Difference

I think one of the real things I want to talk about that makes us different at B&M Builders is we’re really big on teams. We work really hard to build some really strong teams. We bring on really talented people. Austin and Seth were our first real big moves. They brought a lot of value to the team, a lot of knowledge, and education. I think we have followed that path ever since.  We make it a priority to hire well-educated and wildly talented people that really know their crafts and know what they’re doing. You can see that in our sales, guys who manage our network, partnerships, and our estimating while meeting with our customers to help build relationships. We do a great job of working on getting estimates out in a timely manner while managing projects in motion.  You can even see it all the way down to our project managers out in the field who are running the job day-to-day. We really work as a team. I think this is the best way to say it is we make sure the jobs are getting done, the best way possible and the right way the first time. We don’t like to redo stuff.

At B&M Builders we place a big focus on communication along with the quality of work completed.  Communication and quality are really what we push for and it’s what we want our customers to say about us.  If there is anything we want them to say it is that our communication is good and we really give you the best product.

If you would like to learn more about some of the projects we have completed, we invite you to check out our latest work with Dutch Bros Coffee, the project we completed with Haggin Oaks Golf Course, and there is also Lake Pointe Apartments.

We aim to give you an exceptional experience with consistently outstanding results! Our goal is to earn your trust and confidence so you may share your project with us.  If you are ready to pave the way or see how we can work together, reach out.

Our Clients Speak for Us

“B&M Builders was an absolute pleasure to work with. Ron Speroni is an expert in this field and truly had our best interest at heart. He helped us find the best asphalt solution for our facility and worked with us to schedule the project to have the least impact on our facility. When the work started, we found Steve Hogan and the team to do excellent work, both quickly and efficiently and with the least disturbance to our guests.

Steve and Ron made sure to communicate really well with my team and the entire project was a huge success. We plan to hire B&M Builders again for our next project and are totally happy with the relationship”
Mike Woods
Partner, Morton Golf

Our Values

Time after time, on almost every project we perform, our customers are impressed by how hard our employees work, the level of communication they receive and how fast our guys perform.

We hold several California Contractors Licenses for the work we specialize in. If we don’t specialize in it, we have partners that will bring the best product and service to you.

We can not say enough about our amazing employees. Employees are the lifeblood of any organization and our work force has been our secret ingredient to customer satisfaction.

Our guys go the extra mile to make sure your project comes out to our high standards for initial quality and longevity of the finished product. We’re proud to put our name on every project.

Our Team Turns Heads

Jonathan Brown


Patrick Mullen


Austin O'Connell


Dave Clark

VP of Mechanical (HVAC) Division

Seth Maxey


Sean Klein


Terry MacAdam


Steve Hogan

Project Manager

Josh McGee

Project Manager

Michelle Conn

Contracts & Compliance

Linda DiChristina

Accounting Manager

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